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Hidden Figure in Texas Homeschooling History: Dr Helen Jackson

By Abigail Thomson

One by one, the attorneys representing 19 school districts in the landmark Leeper v. Arlington ISD case grilled homeschool parents in cross-examination. It looked like Texas homeschoolers would lose this case, and with it, their God-given right ...  Read More


From One Mom to Another

By Linda Watkins

It was a day I will never forget!  Thirty-four years ago, we gathered around the little table in our family room — one teenager, two preteens, one primary child, three preschoolers, and me. We tried to act like we knew what we were doing, but we didn’t. We did not know anyone else who had…  Read More


Friendship: Face-to-Face or Facebook?

By Heather Sheen

I’ve done it both ways. I used to be a total non-techie who rarely got online, and then only to send an email to Grandma. Then I became a tech-savvy person with membership in several online forums, got a Facebook account, and formed online friendships all over the world. My close friends now…  Read More

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