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Special Needs Mom: How to Be a Friend

When my family moved to Texas over nine years ago, God planted us in a neighborhood two houses down from a family with special needs. As we raised our children together and grew in friendship, I learned a lot about building relationships and came to understand the unique challenges that special needs families face. My…

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Tailor Made Co-ops

Because I am vertically challenged, clothes off the rack almost never fit me. If I want clothes to fit just right, I have them tailor-made. I found the same principle to be true in my family’s home schooling adventure. Our family required a custom fit. When we first began home schooling 22 years ago, options…

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I Have a “That” Child

Last week at MACHE, the session I had circled and starred so I would definitely not miss it was entitled “What about THAT child?” – it was given by my friend Rachael Carman (who incidentally owns Apologia). Rachael is a home school mom of seven who appears to have it all together with more than…

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Making the Most of Every Opportunity

I began a precious endeavor 21 years ago that will never quite be finished. My endeavor, nonetheless, has its milestones, the next of which is scheduled for May 6, 2017. From day one, I understood I had a solid block of 18 years to reach one of the major milestones. For this project, I was…

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