Homeschool Minnesota MÂCHÉ


Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators

2018 MÂCHÉ Leadership Forum

Having served as the Arizona Families for Home Education (AFHE) Support Group Liaison for eight years, Nancy has spent a lot of time visiting with and encouraging homeschool support group leaders from across Arizona. In addition, Nancy spent ten years running her own email network to help homeschool families connect and share information with one another.

This year’s Leadership Forum sessions will help you as a homeschool group leader to renew and revitalize your vision and focus for your group. Nancy will also share advice from seasoned support group leaders for dealing with a variety of issues and challenges unique to running a homeschool support group.

Nancy is going to lead us in some “Game Show Themed Leadership Workshops.” All three of our sessions for group leaders have a game show theme. Sit back and enjoy the interactive fun and laughter … and delightful encouragement … in MACHE’s 2018 Leadership Forum.

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