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MÂCHÉ recognizes the advantage of working together with our advertisers, exhibitors, and speakers to benefit the many home educating families in Minnesota. It builds a strong organization and provides a great resource of wisdom, both of which are important in strengthening home education across the state and ultimately our nation.

If you are interested in participating with MÂCHÉ in encouraging and equipping Minnesota home educators, the following information may be of interest to you.  The opportunities listed on this page are particular to the MÂCHÉ conference and its conference publications.

MÂCHÉ has just created a new ADVERTISING KIT which you may also want to consider. It contains opportunities for advertising in The Paper MÂCHÉ magazine, The NonPaper MÂCHÉ E-bulletin, and on our website home page. If you want more information about advertising for our non-conference publications, contact the Advertising Coordinator at or 763-717-9070 (866-717-9070).

If you would like to see our SPONSORSHIP KIT or would like more information on becoming a conference sponsor, contact Sponsorship Coordinator at  

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