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A Change That Transformed Our Homeschool

Author: Bridget Kessler No matter what abilities our children do or don’t possess, parents stubbornly believe that their children are full of potential. It is that belief, not a degree or particular skill, that makes a great educator. With firm guidance and a “can do” attitude, students thrive. What students need most is someone to…

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I Have a “That” Child

Last week at MACHE, the session I had circled and starred so I would definitely not miss it was entitled “What about THAT child?” – it was given by my friend Rachael Carman (who incidentally owns Apologia). Rachael is a home school mom of seven who appears to have it all together with more than…

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Home School Dads: More than a Principal

In my days as a home school student in the ‘80s and ‘90s, people were less likely to know what home schooling was. My parents were often asked, “How does that work?” The arrangement, explained only partially in jest, was that my mom was the teacher and my dad was the principal. For some current…

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Friendship: Face to Face or Facebook?

I’ve done it both ways. I used to be a total non-techie who rarely got online, and then only to send an email to Grandma. Then I became a tech-savvy person with membership in several online forums, got a Facebook account, and formed online friendships all over the world. My close friends now include those…

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