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Tailor Made Co-ops

Because I am vertically challenged, clothes off the rack almost never fit me. If I want clothes to fit just right, I have them tailor-made. I found the same principle to be true in my family’s home schooling adventure. Our family required a custom fit. When we first began home schooling 22 years ago, options…

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Making the Most of Every Opportunity

I began a precious endeavor 21 years ago that will never quite be finished. My endeavor, nonetheless, has its milestones, the next of which is scheduled for May 6, 2017. From day one, I understood I had a solid block of 18 years to reach one of the major milestones. For this project, I was…

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MACHE Homeschool Workshops

By: Kris Cox, Cheri Frame For those who would like to attend one of the MACHE Homeschool Workshops, please go to the “Events” tab (above the banner photo) to determine if there is an upcoming workshop near you. As a service to the homeschool community, MÂCHÉ is offering workshops on how to begin homeschooling and workshops on…

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Hey, That’s Not Fair!

By: Hal Young, Melanie Young Bickering and arguing can drive you crazy, can’t it? Yet our children usually learn to deal with conflict from us. When two sinners marry, sure, there are going to be times they disagree. It seems like our enemy works overtime, though, to bring conflict into homeschooling marriages.  Our family missions…

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The Dumbest Question I Ever Heard

The dumbest question I ever heard is now history. I was chatting one day with a teenage boy who worked for me and somehow the conversation turned to the subject of studying history.  Young Sam didn’t see the point of it. “Why,” he reasoned, “should I care about things that happened before I was even…

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An Unlikely Comparison

When you have several children, sometimes the phrase, “Take it outside!” applies to the parents too sometimes, like when you have a phone call to make. I had just finished one of these excursions myself and was halfway up the front steps when I noticed something fluffy and brown clinging to the wall by the…

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Starting a Small Homeschool Co-op

Would you like to add a little extra “spice” to your homeschool? Do you find that you don’t get around to those interesting hands-on projects you envision? Have you found yourself wanting to develop friendships with other homeschoolers and just don’t know where to begin? Consider starting a small co-op. It can be an enriching,…

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