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Single Parent-Homeschool: Can It Work?

I picture her the same way you might: a homeschooling momma driving a 15-passenger van, wearing handmade jean skirts and grinding her own wheat to bake bread. Her husband arrives home from a long day at work and leads the family in Bible reading and prayer time as they finish up a home-cooked meal. Together,…

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30 Super Foods to Boost Learning

Years ago our two sons were dealing with a variety of sensory issues that manifested themselves as Asperger Syndrome, speech issues, and behavioral problems. Then we were blessed to meet Diane Craft at a homeschool conference. As my husband and I sat through Diane’s presentations, we were amazed at how perfectly she connected all these…

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Homeschool Debate: Tackling the Big Ideas

“Ideas have consequences,” as American scholar Richard Weaver famously said, “and debate is one way for homeschool parents to help their students understand the importance of what they believe.” The National Christian Forensics and Communications Association (NCFCA), a national homeschool speech and debate league, says that their goal in offering debate to students is to…

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Friendship: Face to Face or Facebook?

I’ve done it both ways. I used to be a total non-techie who rarely got online, and then only to send an email to Grandma. Then I became a tech-savvy person with membership in several online forums, got a Facebook account, and formed online friendships all over the world. My close friends now include those…

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