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 2019 MÂCHÉ Convention

Title: Choosing Curriculum to Fit Your Family        

Speaker: Kris M. Cox                                  

Session:  TS-2    Day: Thursday   Time: 11:00 a.m. 

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Cultivate a Love for the Lord

Cultivate a Love for Learning

Cast a Vision for Your Homeschool

  • Write a vision statement 
  • Set goals ~ academic, spiritual, character, and family

What to Consider When Choosing Curriculum

  • Options
  • Cost & preparation time
  • What do you want your child to learn this year? 
  • Teaching methods
  • Preferred learning styles

Tips on Choosing Curriculum

Helpful website to learn about curriculum


Text-based, reading material followed by questions, provides teacher’s guide and lesson plans, easy to grade, some curriculum providers have this available as a computer-based program







Curriculum providers: Abeka, ACE, Alpha Omega, Bob Jones, Christian Light, Master Books, Rod & Staff

*Academies or Umbrella Schools: Abeka, Christian Liberty Press, Calvert Academy, ... (NOT an exhaustive list)


Best learning style fit: Perfect Paul/Paula


Based on the Trivium: Three Stages of Development (Grammar Stage: Birth-11; Dialectic Stage: 11-14; Rhetoric Stage: 14-16). Academically rigorous and challenging reading program







Curriculum providers: Classical Conversations, Critical Thinking Company, Latin Road/Phonics Road, My Father’s World, Tapestry of Grace, Trivium Pursuits, Veritas Press, The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer/Jessica Wise, ...  (NOT an exhaustive list)


Best learning style fit: Competent Carl/Carla, Perfect Paul/Paula

Unit Study

One main theme used to study all subjects, typically offers hand-on learning, focuses on discover learning, multi-sensory learning, uses living books







Curriculum providers: Five in a Row, Konos, My Father’s World, Tapestry of Grace, Heart of Dakota, Sonlight, Progeny Press, History Revealed, Amanda Bennet, Unit Studies Made Easy by Valerie Bendt, ...  (NOT an exhaustive list)


Best learning style fit: all

Charlotte Mason/Living Books

Children learn best from real life situations, they need time to play and create, emphasizes art, music, poetry, and nature study, for language arts- use narration, copy work and dictation, uses living books (not twaddle!)







Curriculum providers: Five in a Row, Heart of Dakota, Sonlight, Living Books Curriculum, Simply Charlotte Mason, Beautiful Feet, Total Language Plus, Learning Language Arts Through Literature, Progeny Press, ... (NOT an exhaustive list)


Best learning style fit: Sociable Sam/Sue, Wiggle Willy/Wilma 


The Eclectic approach picks and chooses different aspects of the different teaching methods and applies them as they determine what will work best, or they use different approaches for different subjects.  This works well for all learning styles.

Delight-Directed Studies

“The child’s delight is the spark that ignites everything. Once established, like a fire, it is self-sustaining. The student begins to study for his own personal satisfaction, and the fruits of his study begin to flow outward to others.”   ~Gregg Harris





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Providing Encouragement and Support to Homeschooling Families

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