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Instructions for Convention Registration:

Members save 20% on Husband/Wife Registrations!  Add a membership to your cart and start saving today! 

For the quickest and easiest registration, login prior to beginning, as many of the fields will be pre-filled with your information!  You may add multiple items to your cart from the list of options to the right ... then checkout once! 

To remove an item from your cart, click the red "X," then add the correct item.

There are some item purchases that are dependent upon others. For instance, you need to have a current "Thursday Sessions" (formerly called "Preconference Tracks") or "Conference" registration in your cart (or have purchased one previously) before you can purchase any of the "Add-ons."

"Registration" includes only registration for the Husband/Wife.

"Add-ons" includes registration for students, teen track, grandparents, selling used curricula, etc. If at a later date you need to add an additional person or other add-on to your registration, you may do so at any time with the understanding that you will need to pay the fee current at that time.

"Audios" includes the complete MP3 Set of the event listed, in either Download or DVD Data Disk format. 

Click on any of the icons to the right to get started with your convention registration. For the best deals, register early!  

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