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Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators

2019 MÂCHÉ Convention

Title: Planning & Scheduling: Managing Your Home   and Homeschool Well                                   

Speaker: Kris M. Cox                                  

Session:  TS-4     Day: Thursday     Time: 3:00 p.m.

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Planning and Scheduling Your School Days

  • Work as a team ~ ideas for dads


  • Routine


  • Leave room for teachable moments 


  • Family learning is fun and efficient


  • Regular physical breaks needed


  • Types of Schedules


  • Structured by time slots


  • Block scheduling


  • Relaxed approach


  • Weekly assignment sheets


  • Babies and toddlers


  • Single or working parents


Managing Your Home

  • Work as a team ~ ideas for dads



  • House-keeping/Chores ~ Keeping Your Home Organized and Clean
    • Involve your children
    • Chore or blessing charts


  • Meal Planning
    • Weekly system
    • Monthly system


  • Time management
    • Set priorities & goals
    • Guard against overcommitment 
    • Seek the Lord for wisdom




©️ 2019 Kris M. Cox ~

Providing Encouragement and Support to Homeschooling Families

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