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Exhibitor FAQ’s

What size are the booth spaces?

Each exhibitor booth space is 10’x10′ at all three venues – Rochester, Duluth and St. Paul

What is included in each booth?

  • One 8’x2′ table
  • Two folding chairs
  • One small sign with your business’s name on it

What are the set-up and tear-down days and times?

  • Set-up: Thursday afternoon prior to the conference, 1:00 PM – 9:00 PM.
  • Tear-down: Saturday beginning at 5:30 PM until done.

What are the exhibit hall hours?

  • Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Saturday: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM

When can I get into the exhibit hall in the mornings?

  • 7:00 AM

What is included in the exhibitor workshop room?

  • A screen, a microphone and a lectern
  • Overhead projectors are no longer available at any of our venues.
  • If you need a projector, you will need to make those arrangements through the DECC (when in Duluth), from Brede (when in St. Paul or Rochester), or you may bring your own.

What is the cancellation policy for an exhibitor booth?

  • At least 8 weeks before the conference: Exhibit booth(s): You will receive a full refund, less a $25.00 handling fee.
  • Between 5-8 weeks before the conference: There will be a half refund, less the $25.00 handling fee.
  • Less than 5 weeks before the conference: There will be no refund.

How do I order electricity or Internet service?

These need to be ordered directly from the facility either beforehand or onsite.  Please note that the cost is higher if ordered onsite.  Forms are available on the venues’ websites.

How do I ship my products to the venue site?

Where do I unload?  Where do I park?

  • Each facility has a web page where exhibitors can get this information and download maps for both loading and parking.  See the web addresses listed above.

Can I bring food into the convention hall?

  • No, unless you have a specific medical need (such as diabetes or extreme food allergies).  You will also need to have medical proof (a medical alert ID tag, a prescription, a doctor’s note, etc.) Each venue’s caterer works hard to accommodate those who are gluten-, dairy-, nut-intolerant.

For more information on exhibiting with MÂCHÉ, please see our FAQ page here.

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Booth Sizes:

Single Booth, 2 Booth Inline, 3 Booth Inline, 4 Booth Inline, 2 Booth Endcap, 4 Booth Endcap, 6 Booth Endcap, 8 Booth Endcap

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