Father’s Audio Bundle

Over $40 in value – bundle and save!  In this audio bundle, father’s will receive 10 helpful workshops to assist them on their homeschool journey.


The Etceteras - Keynote

In the early 1900's, the great missionary C.T. Studd coined the phrase "The Etceteras" when referring to the men and women called to give up their lives as death-defying missionaries. And to be quite frank, Studd's description of what makes up an "Etcetera" is something that each and every one of us on the Ellerslie campus longs to see formed within our souls. It is our hope that we might brush off the dust from the term "The Etceteras" and give this hallowed title a fresh run in this modern day.

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Lessons from a Cattle Drive

For years, Lew Sterrett has fascinated audiences with his open-air Sermon on the Mount presentations. In this workshop, Lew isn't on a horse; he's standing in front of an audience presenting another unforgettable story about his experience on a cattle drive and the life lessons God taught him through it.

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In the Valley of "How Long?" - Keynote

SATURDAY MORNING KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Hard times come to every life. Most of us expect that. But sometimes a difficult season goes on so long that we wonder if it will ever end. In Psalm 13, David expresses the cry of all our hearts when he wonders, “O Lord, how long?” The struggles of life are given by God to every person and every family for a purpose. They come to us not because God doesn’t love us, but because He does. And in His Word, we are given the keys to understanding our hard times and cooperating with God’s amazing purposes even as we cry from our hearts, “O Lord, how long?”

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The Day I Burned My Neighbor's House Down - Keynote

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing seemed to go right? Listen to Dr. Guthrie describe the lessons he gleaned from one of his "keynote" experiences. Don't miss the unseen blessings in those beyond-description "gifts", just because you don't recognize the wrapping paper.

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Education: Does God Have an Opinion? - Keynote

FRIDAY NIGHT KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Is education a neutral subject? Does God have a preference for how He wants children to be educated? What does the Bible teach about schooling? Is there one correct path for education? Are public schools a viable option for Christians? These questions and more will be discussed in this engaging presentation.

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Raising Dangerous Sons in a Safe and Mediocre World

Let’s face it! Most men today are yellow-bellied, lily-livered weenies. They may wear tall Stetsons, drive fast cars, bungee jump from bridges, collect souped-up power tools, and carry big black Bibles; but they’re weenies. Truth is God wants your sons to leave the heavily-populated safe waters and live dangerously. He wants your sons to trust dangerously, work dangerously, and love dangerously. But, that doesn’t come naturally. Everyone around them – from the talking heads in the media to pastors in the pulpit – keep repeating, “Play it safe.” Join Todd as he encourages you and your sons to GET DANGEROUS.

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Laughter Is the Best Medicine: Marriage Lessons from Real Life

Joe Tyler says, "Zan was my best friend and ministry partner when we were in college. I knew I loved her and wanted to know how she felt about me; so out of the blue (we had never dated), I proposed to her during our junior year. She didn't speak to me for a month."  In spite of this rocky start, Zan and Joe have thoroughly enjoyed thirty-five years of marriage. They have experienced many joys and triumphs and weathered many storms. Along with the varied hats Joe wears in the home, he is in charge of attitude adjustments and comic relief.  Being able to laugh through the years has helped me survive things like threats of jail, the pressures of twenty-one years of homeschooling, and the stress of life in general. Joe makes sure I laugh a lot, says Zan. Come enjoy a refreshing session of humor and encouragement as Joe and Zan share candidly about the ups and downs of married life (including their biggest fight ever), while focusing on the biblical principles that have served as the unshakeable foundation of their marriage. Understanding and embracing the magnificent biblical vision of marriage is the key to a vibrant relationship.

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The Supportive Homeschool Dad: How to Have a Presence in Your Absence

This workshop will focus on the practical, Biblical, and tangible ways that dads, especially those who work outside the home, can take an active role in homeschooling their children.

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Teaching Boys and Other Children Who Would Rather Make Forts All Day

Children like to do what they can do; they want to do what they think they can do, and they hate to do what they think they cannot do. If you want excited and enthusiastic children who learn well, you must understand these key laws of motivation, and focus on the essential requirement of relevancy. If it matters, children will learn it; and if it doesn't, they won't. This session will enlighten you with specific ways to find and create relevancy for children, even when they have no apparent interest.

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Supporting and Encouraging the Homeschool Mom

This workshop offers encouragement for moms on the challenges of homeschool family life along with tips for how dads can be a vital support to her on issues of sibling conflict, character development, and discipline. Mom needs to take a breather from trying to do everything and find the keys to enjoying deeper relationships with her children. She will hear how to see and seize the opportunities in the problems of homeschool family life.

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