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Adam Ringham

I’m a father of two healthy unvaccinated children, prior military vet, and husband to a wonderful woman. Throughout the course of my years I’ve published 3 books – 2 on essential oils and one on the navigating the medical world when it comes to childbirth, study/speak/read/write Biblical Hebrew and Gematria, studied nursing in college, am currently launching a Ministries, numerous side projects, study higher level physics and quantum mechanics, do crystal singing bowl sessions at my personal studio, produce graphic design and advertisements, do my own videography production and work, have played piano for over 30 years and study music and cosmology interaction as well as sound healing, study chiropractic and acupuncture methodologies, study epigenetics, biohacking, neurohacking, and genetic hacking (with a bit of experimenting), currently run the websites and , along with developing training and marketing for a multi-million dollar company.

In my free time I like to sail, continue with my studies, write, draw, digitally create and manipulate images/photos/videos, fly my drone (and make home videos and commercials with it), and do my best to give out as much information as I can freely to help my fellow Human Beings along their Journey.

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