Kris Cox

Kris Cox and her husband Bruce homeschooled their four children for 17 years, finishing their homeschool journey when their youngest graduated in 2011.  Kris’s passion for encouraging and helping homeschool parents led her to become a homeschool consultant in 2012. Along with consulting, Kris writes a homeschool blog ( and speaks on various homeschool topics for homeschool groups. She also leads a Smoothing the Way Course/Support Group for new homeschoolers each school year.  Kris served as the phone responder for MACHE from June 2013 to December 2016 and currently co-presents the Homeschool Workshops put on by MACHE in cooperation with various support groups throughout the state. In all these endeavors, Kris strongly encourages seeking God for guidance in every decision and struggle, believing that the key to successful homeschooling is depending on Him.  Her heart’s desire is to serve the Lord by supporting and encouraging homeschool parents, giving them the tools they need to be successful in educating their children.

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