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Lisa Dettinger

Lisa Dettinger
Bio of Self: Lisa Dettinger has over 25 years’ experience in the field of education, working with children, teens, college students, and adults, and has homeschooled her own children for almost two decades. She has spent the last eight years equipping nearly 1,000 students in grades 4-12 with simple (and fun!) strategies for writing. Lisa’s work has been published for university classes, teaching journals, virtual charter schools, and homeschools. Our Secret Journal Revealed (co-authored with her daughter) was released fall of 2018. In addition, Lisa is a Certified Christian Life Coach, serving clients throughout the U.S. She has provided manifold classes and workshops for adults and children in schools, churches, camps, and homeschool support groups.
Bio of Business: PowerHouse Educational Resources began in 2010, when Lisa
developed curriculum and began teaching semester-long writing classes for grades 4-8
and 9-12. During that time, parents and students raved that this formulaic approach to
writing produced motivated writers with excellent results. She now brings this simple yet
thorough approach to all homeschoolers with video instruction and one-day in-person
writing workshops (free for parents!). Learn more at

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