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Mark Beck

Mark Beck is a homeschool graduate with a degree in Biblical and Theological Studies from the University of Northwestern – St. Paul. He met his wife BriAnn at college and married her just in time to tag along with each other to Cameroon, Africa, where they taught missionary kids for a year and a half with Wycliffe Bible Translators. In 2013, a few years after returning to Minnesota, Mark founded Josiah’s Gift, a ministry of memorizing the Word of God and bringing it to life through powerful recitations. So far, he has memorized over thirteen books of the Bible and speaks at camps, churches, conferences, and in living rooms, sharing God’s Word and training others to take it to heart. His four children (age 8 on down) love to memorize along with him and call his recitations “Bible Stories from Daddy’s Heart.” Memorization in their household is a full-contact sport and frequently involves swords, tutus, and hanging upside down off the furniture.

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