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Mike Pehl

Mike Pehl is the founder & inspiration behind DriveSafeRideSafe. He is an authentic expert with a “regular guy” style. He has a gift for explaining ideas about driving safety in a way that holds the attention of both teenagers and parents. His explanations are fresh, his ideas are new for most people, his style is engaging, and he presents this topic in a way that is compelling and pragmatic, but not inappropriately fear-based.  Mike has a unique perspective on driving safety, because his career has included roles as an insurance agent, as a crash investigator & as a driving instructor. Put another way, he has worked closely with issues of driving safety from the context of budgeting/costs/data/research (in the insurance office) … experiential/evidence-based (on the scene of incidents) … and one-on-one, observing how individual students learn & improve their own chances of driving crash-free for a lifetime (teaching in the classroom & also behind-the-wheel.) Mike is absolutely passionate that everyone should understand fundamental concepts about defensive driving. This issue has been very personal for him since high school, when a friend was paralyzed in a car crash. That incident triggered a real understanding of what tragedies on the road can “cost” … and it nurtured a lifelong curiosity about this topic that did ultimately help him discover his true calling as a driving safety expert. For Mike, what matters is what works. He is pragmatic, and his goal is to save lives. His track record teaching teenagers for more than 20 years in the Twin Cities area, is far superior to the “standard” results in Minnesota and nationwide. As the founder of DriveSafeRideSafe, Mike is now able to share his expertise & techniques with many more people. Our teamʼs resources help parents, teens & certified instructors. In fact, they help everyone who drives, since “we all share the roads.” Mike has also been invited to speak at many local schools throughout the years, including Hill-Murray, Alexandria High School, St. Paul Academy, Anoka Transitional Plus & YEAH Academy.

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