Rick Boyer

Home schooling pioneer Rick Boyer is a man on a mission. With his wife, Marilyn, Rick has taught all fourteen of his children at home since 1980. Today he takes his dynamic message of Bibical discipleship-based home education across America and around the world. The Boyers believe that Scripture gives a powerful model for the upbringing of children and that when followed boys and girls grow into wise, proactive Christian adults who achieve great works for the glory of God. Rick’s unique blend of Scriptural wisdom and side-splitting humor always puts nervous beginners at ease, while his three decades of hands-on experience provided the backdrop for his practical application of Bible truth to day-to-day parenting. Through his heartfelt speaking style, his several books on home schooling and family life and his many audio recordings for children and adults, Rick Boyer reaches hearts as well as minds. Come and hear Rick share God’s plan for raising up a generation of giants for God! www.thelearningparent.com

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