Steve Donofrio has a passion for protecting and helping others. After his military service which included deployment to Iraq and Kuwait for the first Gulf war, he entered full time youth ministry, part-time security, and protection practitioner. In 2000 with his  wife Heidi and one year old son Malachi, they moved to Japan to serve as missionaries. They served two years in full time ministry and then Steve started his full time security management, protection, and fitness business. They lived in Japan fourteen years as “tent makers.” Malachi was educated part-time in the Japanese school system, then homeschooled. Steve is a motivational speaker specializing in self-protection, personal and workplace harmony, and fitness. He has consulted and taught in schools, colleges, and companies throughout Japan. He has a Masters Degree in Security Management, is the lead author of the book Mama Manual (a book for mothers about family and personal protection), and is a regular contributing author for Japan’s leading professional security journal, Security Research Magazine. His original content has been seen on local, regional, and national media platforms throughout Japan. He has a style of speaking and training best described as “edutainement,” a unique blend of solid, practical education from a subject-matter expert … combined with an original entertaining approach.