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Classical Conversations in Sioux Falls, SD (serving some of Minnesota and Iowa)

Group Type: Christian, Special Needs, and Support Group


Keywords: Dads' Group, family recreation, field trips, geography/spelling bee, Guest Speakers/Workshops, jr/sr high activities, Mothers' Tea/Coffee, newsletter, Organized Student Classes, parent support meetings, and Projects Fair

Group Location: Classical Conversations at First Reformed

4800 S. Tomar Rd

Sioux Falls, SD 57108

Group Details:

We are one of many Classical Conversations groups that meets in Sioux Falls, however we have families traveling from Minnesota and Iowa to be served in our community. We are forming new communities in and around the Sioux Falls area, and we are also forming a new group in Dell Rapids which is also just near the border. Eventually we would like groups to continue forming over the border as well.
We are committed to homeschooling while maintaining focus on a biblical world view. We are equipping parents to home school their children as well as redeem to generations of education at one time. We use classical tools of learning to help us know God and make him known. It is a developmentally appropriate curriculum that is skill based, so it will give both parents and children the tools to master learning anything.


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