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For the Children’s Sake Support Group and Book Discussion and Spread the Feast Co-op Community

Group Type: Co-Op and Support

County: Washington

Keywords: family recreation, field, field trips, guest speakers, nursery/preschool, Organized Student Classes, parent support meetings, and prayer time

Group Location: Woodbury/Cottage Grove


Group Details:

Our Main Vision is to support one another as we homeschool our Children using Charlotte Mason’s philosophies and to learn more together about how to practice these in our homes.

You are invited to join other thoughtful home-educators, parents, and teachers once a month for two hours to discuss the education of children, specifically the methodologies of Charlotte Mason through book study. The first hour is a discussion on the reading and the last hour is a theory applied discussion/lesson. We meet the first Thursday of every month from 6:30-8:30 pm in Woodbury or Cottage Grove, MN.


We are a group of homeschooling families that meet twice a month to study the Fine Arts and Nature Study in a Charlotte Mason way. The idea is that God has provided rich and abundant blessings for us. All of Life is a gift. When we teach our children, we don’t force information down their throats in order to fill a bucket or make them into our image in a utilitarian sort of way. Instead we SPREAD THE FEAST of God’s abundance and let them feed on the beauty he has given us! When education is approached in this manner, they will learn all they need for service to the King! Please Contact us if Interested.

We also host Charlotte Mason Seminars in the Twin Cities throughout the year.


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