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H.O.T.E. Homeschoolers on the Edge

Group Type: Co-Op and Support

County: Itasca

Keywords: family recreation, field trips, guest speakers, and project fair

Group Location: Marcell Family Center

Marcell, MN 56637

Group Details:

We are a group of moms (sometimes dads) and kids that get together to play, educate, and support each other during the school year. Our regular monthly group time consists of: game days, dissection, science fairs, art and crafts, poem reading, baking and delivering Christmas cookies, cake decorating, studying wars and cultures around the world, making cards for veterans, learning about history of holidays, and more. We have enjoyed field trips such as: hiking in the woods, bird watching at Hawk Ridge (Duluth), a bakery, a TV station, a printing shop, Bemidji Woolen Mills, Lost 40, Interagency Fire Center, a vet clinic, a pumpkin patch, an auto body shop, a 911 emergency center, park days with picnics, and performed in plays at the Edge Center in Bigfork. We welcome kids of all ages.


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