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Group Type: Co-Op and Support

County: Anoka, Sherburne, and Wright

Keywords: Christian, classes, family, field trips, general, moms, organizations, preschool, presentations, and teens

Group Location: Nowthen Alliance Church

Nowthen, MN 55303

Group Details:

The vision of Partnership is to come alongside homeschoolers for the purpose of support and aid in the instruction of their children through an academically based cooperative program. We have purposed that this organization and all of its activities shall be consistently and forthrightly Christian to the glory and honor of the Lord God.

Partnership meets on Thursday afternoons each week for 12 times in the Fall and again in the Spring in Nowthen, Minnesota. There are two hours of core classes and one of electives each week. We have about 40 families who come from a wide area, and we all help to do the teaching for Nursery through 12th grade. Class offerings for each year are dtermined in the late Spring.

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