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Thrive Christian Homeschool Co-op

Group Type: Co-Op

County: Carver, West Hennepin, and Wright

Keywords: art, Christian, classes, curriculum, field trips, foreign language, general, moms, physical education, preschool, presentations, and science

Group Location: Maple Plain Community Church

Maple Plain, MN 55359

Group Details:

MISSION STATEMENT: Thrive Christian Homeschool Co-op exists to provide practical support and spiritual encouragement to each other through weekly meetings, resource sharing, and prayer while building a sense of community through children’s classes, activities, field trips, and opportunities for enrichment and interaction.

Thrive (Christian) Homeschool Co-op meets weekly at the Maple Plain Community Church as an informal gathering of Christian homeschooling families.

We offer weekly classes for grades K through 6th in Art, Spanish, Science, and Physical Education (Gym). We also offer fun activities such as field trips, book making, project fairs, theater productions, parties, park dates and much more. We also have a preschool/Kindergarten class that meets every week.


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