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COMMUNITY EVENT: Free Workshops: Discovering Da Vinci Day

Discovering Da Vinci Day Saturday, March 30, 9am-noon (For children in grades 3-5) Your child is invited to attend one of three workshops: Workshop I: Students will model Leonardo’s inventions. Workshop II: Students will do a dramatization of Leonardo’s life and times. Workshop III: Students will follow Leonardo’s exploration of flight, including the anatomy of…

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COMMUNITY EVENT: Free Workshop: Simple Machines for Children in Grades 3-5

Simple Machines Workshop Saturday, January 26, 2019, 9am-noon (For children in grades 3-5) How can you lift something several times heavier than yourself? How does a bicycle change speeds? How did clocks work before the advent of electricity? Come learn about the answers to these questions and many more through an exploration of simple machines.…

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