Call to Arms: The Guts & Glory of Courageous Fatherhood

(This is for men only – 16 years and older.) There is a spiritual war being waged for our families. Our enemy is strong and we are in his territory. Dad, if you don’t fight for your family, no one else will. When a soldier is in enemy territory he is alert, focused, and purposeful about every move he makes with weapons ready. Only you stand between the enemy and your family, for God has given you the authority and the responsibility to stop him from destroying your marriage and your children. This takes courage, but your calling is noble…it is God’s call to arms. Chuck offers straight answers and practical help for dads who are looking to protect, train, equip, and launch soldiers for Jesus Christ. Cost: $15 (Includes meal). You must be registered for the conference to attend.  Preregistration is required. Deadline to preregister: March 30.  

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