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Chemicals of Concern & The Body Burden: How to Reduce Chemicals Your Family Might Be Breathing, Eating or Touching

What is the Body Burden? In this workshop we will discuss chemicals of concern and how they make their way into our bodies and the bodies of our children. There are 3 ways that chemicals can enter the body: breathing, through the skin and eating. We will analyze the most common chemicals of concern, identify where VOCs are found in the home and it’s potential affects on the body, discuss solutions for reducing exposure and identify some areas you may not even realize toxins exist. The air inside your home can be up to 5x more harmful than the outside air. Join us as we discuss how we can reduce the body burden in our homes and some positive impacts we can make to help reduce toxins in our air, clean our surfaces without pesticides, and reduce chemicals on our foods and on our skin. We are what we eat! You will also learn how to select, plan, create and make healthy foods that your family will eat and enjoy! Looking forward to it! Melissa & Jennifer, your Healthy Home Advocates

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