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Effective Brain & Body Training to Add to Your Home School Day – Kinuu

Does your child struggle with learning challenges? Kinuu developed a video game called BrainyAct to create long-lasting neurological changes and improve academic skills, behaviors and social interactions for children with ADHD, Autism and Dyslexia.

BrainyAct uses a revolutionary approach that combines proven clinical therapies and leading-edge neuroscience to bring you effective and affordable brain/body training exercises. BrainyAct’s interactive play sessions are 35-45 minutes, which will fit into any homeschooling schedule, day or night. With two program options (home or center in Minnetonka) BrainyAct allows families the flexibility to play BrainyAct where it’s convenient for them.

BrainyAct offers 12 different activities to keep your child motivated and challenged including balance, rhythm and timing; gross/fine motor skills; and visual motor perception and memory. Attend this session to see a demo and find out how you can help your child achieve their greatest potential!

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