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Juggling Priorities: Mind, Body & Soul

Juggling is an art & sport that offers many benefits to the brain (e.g., gray matter growth and improved skills in reading, spelling and math), the body (e.g., hand-eye coordination, peripheral vision, endurance, and posture), and soul (e.g., goal-setting, teamwork, confidence, social skills, and glorifying God in a seemingly frivolous hobby). Coach Paul Arneberg will give parents an overview of juggling’s general benefits as well as the specific benefits of his full-time calling, JUGHEADS. This unique “tentmaker youth ministry” draws children and youth ages 7-19 from all over the Twin Cities Metro Area for summer camps, school year clubs, and special events, all toward the mission of “developing youth through juggling.” JUGHEADS currently has 92 members in grades 2-12, 17 of whom are homeschooled. While JUGHEADS is an outreach rather than exclusively for Christian families, overt ministries include a Boys’ Bible Study, the Lost is Found performing troupe, and a Juggling + Bible Camp.

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