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Keeping Your “SmartCookie” Challenged

Is your second grader building a fusion reactor in your backyard or calculating rates of speed and velocity? Forrest and Beth Mora’s daughter, SmartCookie #1 received her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in three short years at 21 years of age and is a state certified teacher. Their son, SmartCookie #2 and twin to #1, received a 104% in Calculus 2 in his senior year of high school and reads C++ programming textbooks for enjoyment. Join Beth Mora as she travels back through time to when their “SmartCookies” were in their elementary years. Beth candidly shares her journey home educating her two academically advanced children. Come learn how she kept the wheels of opportunity turning. She will also share the results of an interview she did with each of her “SmartCookies” who are now adults. Learn what worked and what didn’t. If you have a “SmartCookie,” you won’t want to miss this unique perspective. 

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