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Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators

Parent/Teen Driver Safety Awareness Program

EXHIBITOR WORKSHOP.  This compelling 90 minute workshop, given by Veteran Crash Investigator and Driver Safety Expert Mike Pehl, will be well worth your time! Mike Pehl’s authentic approach to teaching driver education has proven successful for over 25 years. His background as a Crash Investigator helps him bring a unique and pragmatic view of how to crash proof your teen driver. In addition to insider information on how crashes happen and what you can do to avoid them, Mike will cover how the driving laws, both old and new will apply to your new driver. Those who attend this class will meet the new state requirement to REDUCE the number of hours that students need to drive with a parent from 50, to 40 hours. (We will give all folks in attendance a certificate of completion to hand in along with their supervised driving log found at  (DriveSafeRideSafe LLC)

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