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Start Sweating With Fam Fit

EXHIBITOR WORKSHOP. GoFam Fitness presents “Fam Fit”; a brand new work-out program designed for the whole family. These engaging and fun exercise videos are only 25 minutes long, allowing them to fit into any homeschooling or life schedule. The exercise programs are easy to follow making them appropriate for any age, and fully modifiable, making them appropriate for any skill level. Maggie gets the most out of every 25 minute workout, so you will not only have fun, but will have real, safe results. Maggie and Jonathan Claussen will explain how exercise not only helps our physical bodies, but also our academic performance and emotional well-being. Exercise done together promotes family bonding and a sense of accomplishment. They will explain the philosophy behind Fam Fit and why this program will enhance any homeschooling day.  All you need is a small amount of floor space and 25 minutes… so there are no excuses.   It is time to gather the family and start sweating! (goFam Ministries)

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